“We have been coming to Dr Lim since our son was born, and we now take our newborn daughter to him as well. Our son had arrived 6 weeks early so we were in a rush to do things and one of those things was pick a pediatrician. We found him and asked if we could talk to him to find out if he was a good fit and he made time to do that.

He is good in treating the kids very straight forward and always willing to answer any questions you may have. One of the things I love about him is he provides his pager for after hours, and he calls back very quickly when you do page him. When my son was still under one we went on a trip and he ended up getting a fairly high fever and we wanted to talk to him. We paged him around 11 pm expecting a call the next day and he called back within a half hour.

The office staff is very good and very friendly as well.”

-Chris S.
Milpitas, CA

“The doctor and nurses are super experiences, and they make everything from shots to medications easy and quick. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone who wants a high quality medical examiner.”

-Bin L.
Fremont, CA
5.0 star rating

“When I was pregnant almost 7 years ago, I looked all over the area, read the reviews, talked with friends and actually visited more than a handful of pediatricians. Dr. Lim has been the “chosen one” since my son’s birth in 2006.

– Dr. Lim cares about my son. We called him one weekend morning when my son had fever and he was in office within 15min to see us.

– Dr. Lim and staff are very responsive. I would sometimes call in to let him know that I’m concerned about something and he would always call back within 15-30min. to take the time to discuss with me, many times result in not having to make an appointment to go in to see him. I called once about a bump on my son’s chin. He called back within 15min. and ask about the symptoms and make suggestions. We followed the suggestions and watched the bump overnight when it disappeared. When he thinks it’s necessary, he would suggest that I take my son in right away. Otherwise, he would give us the assurance that we can observe and call back.

– I really like that Dr. Lim is very respectful of my opinions and wishes and would make professional suggestions and lay out the pros and cons of different solutions. He would explain to me about the different prescriptions and make suggestions.

– Dr. Lim is fun and my son loves chatting with him. For some kids, going to see a doctor may be a scary thing but for my son, going to Dr. Lim’s is a fun and learning experience.

We have since moved to the peninsula and visiting Dr. Lim has become less convenient due to traffic time. But I’m not changing doctor – we love Dr. Lim and my son loves him.”

-Dee E.
Palo Alto, CA
5.0 star rating

“Great friendly doctor! My two kids goes to Dr. Lim for years. The staff are always kind and friendly. I can get an appointment to see Dr. Lim on the same day. When it comes to our scheduled appointments, I don’t have to wait. I recommend Dr. Lim to all my family and friends in the Bay Area.

-Helen K.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating

“Both of my daughters have been seeing Dr. Lim for over 7 years now. He’s been fantastic to my girls. Supportive, informative and attentive are very descriptive of Dr. Lim. He’s shown himself to be very patient and considerate during times of stress from me.

One of the best things about Dr. Lim is our ability to have a conversation to understand any needs, concerns or questions we have. Our doctor patient relationship is better because of it.

To add substance to my review Dr. Lim went out of his way on his day off to see my daughter with the possibility of strep throat. It wasn’t a serious situation but to make sure she was ok he made a special trip just to see her. This example alone tells me I made the right choice in going to Dr. Lim.

Lastly, Dr. Lim’s positive interactions with my daughters have formed a comfortable environment where they aren’t afraid of going to the doctor.

I recommend everyone to see Dr. Lim. Make it a point to develop a good relationship with respect and understanding. It’s rare to find good care. Appreciate it when you get it.”

-Mark D.
Milpitas, CA

“We Love how amazing doctor Perry Lim and his staff are! They always follow up with us and call to remind us about our appointments. For me its all about convenience and they are always flexible to fit time around my schedule! If Mia & Vinci needed to see him same day they make time. To some it up, Pediatrics for you go ABOVE AND BEYOND for their patients!

5 star rating from us!”

-Vinh B.
Milpitas, CA
5.0 star rating

“My two children have been seeing Dr. Lim since birth. My kids love Dr. Lim and his office. They are very kid friendly and we can always get an appointment. Not everything is perfect but you get very personal care for your children. Dr. Lim is very kind and compassionate. He works really hard and cares for your children like his own. Dr. Lim came in to see my daughter during a holiday weekend one time because he was so concerned about her. We are eternally grateful for his hard work. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

We had Kaiser insurance in the past, but we love and prefer the intimate care from a solo physician office over a big large group. We pay more in insurance premium each month but it is worth it.

Read the negative reviews for Dr. Lim. It is not easy seeing screaming/crying children all day long and putting up with anxious and demanding parents. Those people are really mean people who like to spread their negativity in life.

Look at all their 1 star reviews.

5 stars for Dr. Lim. Highly recommended.

-D. M. C.
Milpitas, CA
5.0 star rating

“Dr. Lim is great. He helped me out when I needed it the most. Thank you!

-Ray C.
Santa Clara, CA
5.0 star rating

“He’s always there for your child when needed.

-Hung N.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating

“We have been seeing Perry Lim for 4+ years for our daughter who is 4 year old. We recently blessed with another son and we started seeing him for our son too. We have been lucky never run into complex medical issues. But every time our daughter was sick (may be only twice in 4 year) , we pretty much got appointment same day or very next day.

One thing really great about him is that he keeps parents calm no matter whatever going on with child, this is very important since as parent we panic most! Nurses in his clinic are so amazing at giving shot that many time our daughter did not even realized the pinch!
I have not seen any other pediatrician but I have heard weird story from other parents (seeing different doctor) and keep realizing how great experience we had with Dr. Perry Lim! Perry lim explains things in very nice way letting us know what is right and why it is important.

He also adds right perspective to traditional things people do (like massaging kids, feeding honey to kids , giving bath etc) and let us do things by making us aware of boundaries for child’s safety!

I would recommend you to ask as many questions you have to Perry Lim, he is never in rush!

Also he would be giving large amount of samples and gift bag to you! That is so great!”

-Markandey S.
North San Jose, San Jose, CA

“Doctor Lim has been my son’s doctor since he was born 7 years ago. It is hard to find a good doctor and with the help of friends and family we chose him to be our pediatrician. He has rewarded our trust in him and his staff by always being available whenever needed. Being new parents, it helped calm our nerves when our son had fever or sicknesses. My son loves going to Doctor Lim because for him it is learning experience. Doctor Lim always takes the time to answer his questions about the medical tools and how he is going to use them. For us, he gladly took the time and gave his full attention towards answering all our questions. Boy, my wife had many. My wife is against giving a lot of medicines when a child is sick. So Dr. Lim gave us other options to use instead. I would highly recommend Dr. Lim if you are looking for a caring, responsive, and professional children’s doctor.

-Michael R.
Palo Alto, CA
5.0 star rating

“Our family has been going to Dr. Lim for the past 4 years, since our older daughter’s birth. We love him! For both births, Dr. Lim promptly visited us in the hospital. He is very gentle with our kids and helps them to feel at ease. His staff members are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Lim takes the time to answer our questions, and we’ve never felt rushed during the appointment. We can always get a same-day appointment, and we’ve never had to wait long once we’re at the office. Also, he quickly responds to phone calls and emails. Dr. Lim is great! Give him a try, and you’ll love him too!

-J V.
Fremont, CA
5.0 star rating

“Dr Perry Lim has been my Son’s Doctor for last 3 years. He’s the best. He is a great Doctor and also a very kind person. Even the Waiting time in his office is less and staff is also very very good.
Once in 2009 I needed urgent care for my Son. That time Dr Perry Lim stayed back in office extra hours to look after him. He’s always reachable through his pager also.
so giving 5 stars.


-Sandeep S.
Milpitas, CA
5.0 star rating